Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

330A 2600 8th Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7H0V7

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We can show you how to turn your yard into a birdfeeding habitat that brings song, color and life to your home.

Add a Splash to Your Backyard 

Water (or the lack thereof) can be deadly serious for birds. Birds must be ready to fly at all times, and bathing is a critical part of feather maintenance and staying in top-flight condition. Whether they are feeder visitors or not, birds need water. Offering a dependable source of water is probably the simplest and most important step you can take to greatly increase the variety of birds in your yard.  
Water is also vitally important when it's extremely hot and a bird's ability to regulate its body temperature can become stressed. Birds do not sweat and must remove excess body heat through their respiratory system. So when temperatures rise, a bird's respiration rate increases, sometimes to the point that it can be seen panting like a dog. This activity dehydrates birds and increases their need for a reliable source of water to replace lost fluids.


Dr OliphantThe Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird on earth.  Lynn Oliphant has been training his 2015 brood of falcons and you're invited to meet them on Thu. July 16th. Be at WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED Nature Shop @ 6pm and we'll drive to Lynn's place. We will be carpooling for those interested. This is FREE to anyone interested.



Zoo Soc

Wild Weekends at the Zoo:

Sat./Sun. (10am- 4pm) July 4/5, 11/12, 18/19, etc

Starting Sat., July 4th and 'til the Mon. Sep. 7th, the Saskatoon Zoo Society will be at the Zoo with our socialized animals and biofact touchtables. Program runs every weekend from 10am-4pm, weather-permitting! Free with a Saskatoon Zoo Society membership or Forestry Farm Park Zoo admission. This is a casual, drop-by activity provided by the Saskatoon Zoo Society.  No pre-registration required!

Young Naturalists Bluebird Trail:

July 6th & 9th (6:30 pm - 8:30 pm)Free

All interested bird lovers, Young Naturalists, and their families are invited to join us as we monitor the progress of our babies on our Bluebird Trail.  The Bluebird Trail is a bird monitoring program to keep track of cavity nesting birds such at bluebirds and Tree Swallows.  Since 1968 the Young Naturalists have been monitoring special nest boxes along our Bluebirds Trail.  The program runs from the beginning of June to mid-July.



clay sparrow SWF Pfeiffer Protected Area - Wed. July 8th (7-9pm): Hikein this protected area looking for birds, native wildflowers, and grasses associated with this special example of unbroken prairie that is being protected by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. This preserve is located adjacent to highway 11, a few miles south of the city. Remnants of the old Moose Jaw wagon trail can be seen on the site. Meet at the NW corner of the parking lot for the Centre at Circle and 8th Mall. Leader: Bob Godwin (306-343-8590)  


Dun SkipperNorth American Butterfly Count - Sat. July 11th (8:45am):Download a checklist from the  SNS Resources page. If raining, the count will be postponed to July 12th. Contact leader for details. Meet at the NW corner of the parking lot for the Centre at Circle and 8th Mall.Leader: Anna Leighton (306-665-6074)


Bee Nest Get a solitary bee nest for your yard.



 We now carry SPYPOINT trail cams.



NOTE: If you'd like to share your photos of birds please do so on our Facebook or bring them into the store for our bulletin board.