Help Birds Survive Cold Weather

Most birds will adjust their feathers to create air pockets that will help them keep warm. You will often notice the birds look fatter or "puffed up" during cold weather. This is because the birds are fluffing up their feathers; the more air space, the better the insulation. 

You can play a vital role in helping birds during winter by offering high-fat, high-calorie foods, such as shelled sunflower seeds, nuts, suet and Bark Butter® Bits. A reliable, open source of water is also important. Birds continue to need a source of water for drinking to maintain their metabolism during dry, cold weather. Clean feathers help birds stay warm, and a heated bird bath is often the only way for some birds to drink and keep their feathers in top condition when it's cold.


Fri. Jan. 25th (7:00 pm) - Lyndon Penner Talk - A Comfortable Nest :
We often go to a lot of trouble to ensure that our local birds have plenty of food and water in our gardens - which is great - but have you thought about what they might need for nesting? While many of us plant fruit and seed bearing plants to feed them, birds also need nesting material. Did you know that there are lots of beautiful things you can put in your yard that will feed pollinators as well as providing birds with soft materials to line their nests with? There are also lots of different plants that provide good nesting "real estate"- conifers such as junipers are often good for small birds looking for places to raise a family, and so are plants with thorns and spines. Join us for a lively presentation about prairie plant choices that will help encourage birds to make your house their house. A FREE event at Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop.


Chorney acreage bird feeders - Sun. Jan. 13th (9-11am): We plan to visit this acreage south of the city which had the highest concentration of birds found during Saskatoon's Boxing Day bird count.  Meet on the west side of the parking lot west of the Sports on Tap bar north of Western Development Museum.  Leader: Marten Stoffel (306) 230-9291

 Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility visit - Sun. Jan. 20th (2:15-3:15pm):  A chance to see the recently constructed aviaries and squirrel cage and learn how this charity looked after over 900 injured and orphaned birds and wild animals during this past year with a goal of releasing them back to the wild. Meet at 100 Rayner Avenue in Sutherland, 1 block west of Central Avenue at 115th St. Leader: Jan Shadick (306) 281-0554

 Snowy Owl census - Sun. Jan. 27th (9am-4pm):  We plan to drive a 60 km census route to count Snowy Owls from Milden to Elrose. Most years, there is a high concentration of Snowys along this route. Total distance travelled will be about 300 km. Car pools will be arranged. Bring lunch or buy lunch in Elrose. In case weather prediction is poor, phone leader the previous evening to check if trip will be affected.Meet at Esso gas station parking lot at highway 7 and 11th St W.Leader: Marten Stoffel (306) 231-9291



WRSOS is pleased to present the 7th annual Gone Wild for Wildlife event in Saskatoon! There will be live wildlife to learn about and interact with, interesting exhibits from a wide range of organizations, and fun and informative lectures. There will also be a silent auction fundraiser for WRSOS, as well as many games and activities for children such as owl pellet dissections, science experiments, juggling fun, face painting and other fun educational activities!

Tickets available at the door.



We offer delivery of "The Best Birdfood in Town" and our other products. If you'd like your product delivered please call us at 306-955-2473. ($5 within 10 min. Over 10 min. will cost more.)

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