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High fat foods may be considered unhealthy by most people, but they highly are sought out by backyard birds. Fat provides them with many important nutritional benefits: 

  • Foods high in fat are the most concentrated energy source that a bird can consume.
  • Stored body fat is the primary energy supply that fuels a bird between meals, through cold winter nights and throughout migration.
  • Birds actively use bird feeders during the winter, especially first thing in the morning and just before dusk. These are the times they stoke their internal heater with fat to get the day started or to replenish their fat reserves to endure another cold night.
  • Songbirds may use up to ¾ of their fat reserves during one winter night! If sources of high-fat foods are available, they can entirely replenish those fat reserves during the next day. In some birds this can amount to a 10% fluctuation in their daily body weight.
  • Bird feeders can be an important food source during winter. When severe weather impacts wild food supplies, birds will turn to feeders as a critical source of high fat foods. It is during these times that feeders play their most vital role. If a storm is of long duration or extreme impact, a feeding station with lots of high fat foods may mean the difference between life and death for these birds.
  • When a bird exhausts all of its fat reserves, protein, scavenged mostly from muscles, is used to sustain its energy needs. It is important for birds to eat plenty of fat calories each day in order to maintain their strength and fitness.
  • Our backyard suet feeders provide a direct source of high energy fat and certain seeds provide high levels of fat due to their substantial oil content.
  • High fat foods also provide many of the dietary pigments birds need to impart color in their feathers. These pigment create feather colors that range from red, orange, and yellows to violet.

The top recommended high fat foods for birds are:

  • Recommended Blends: No Mess NM, No Mess Plus, No Mess Blend
  • Recommended Seeds: Peanuts, Nyjer, Sunflower Chips
  • Recommended Other Foods: Suet, Cylinders, Bark Butter, Bark Butter Bits



THANK YOU Lyndon Penner for the special SCARY Birds  Presentation for Halloween. It was a packed house and very entertaining!



Project Feeder Watch Needs Your Help! At regular intervals from November to April, thousands of FeederWatchers count the kinds and numbers of birds at their feeders, then submit their observations to us. This information helps scientists study winter bird populations.
Project FeederWatch participants receive a full-colour bird poster and calendar, a FeederWatch Handbook and Instruction Book, access to the data entry portion of the FeederWatch website, and the chance to contribute to a continent-wide bird research project. 

Project FeederWatch is a joint program of Bird Studies Canada and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. In Canada, you must be a member of Bird Studies Canada (BSC) to participate. BSC membership benefits include a subscription to our Monthly Latest News e-newsletter, four issues a year of  BirdWatch Canada magazine, free participation in any of our volunteer programs, and a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of your membership.

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