It's a Great Time to Feed the Birds 

Bird feeding isn't just a winter hobby. By continuing to feed your birds in spring and summer, you have the greatest opportunity to attract the widest variety of birds to your yard and feeders. Access to abundant and healthy food is important to birds...regardless of the season.  Birds with access to backyard feeders benefit greatly from their ability to spend less time foraging for food and more time engaging in activities that enhance their health and safety. You also get to enjoy the birds in their breeding plumage and watch the young birds as they come to the feeder. If you don't already have a fresh water supply for your birds now is a good time to consider adding it. Water is critical for birds health, especially on hot summer days.

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Thu. Jul. 12th (7:00pm) - NOCTURNAL BIRDS: Back by popular demand, Lyndon Penner will be sharing his passion for birds. With the exception of owls, we almost never think about birds as being creatures that are active at night! Around the world, there are actually quite a few nocturnal birds that have specially adapted and evolved to make their living in the dark! A great many sea-going birds are nocturnal, as is New Zealand's iconic kiwi bird. Nightjars and whippoorwills are night creatures, and maybe you've even spotted a night heron going about his business at dusk. Join us for a curious and engaging look at some of the world's more unusual birds. A FREE event at Wild Birds Unlimited.


 Sun. July 22nd (6:30 - 8pm) - The Amazing World Of Falconry:  The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird on earth. Lynn Oliphant has been training his 2018 brood of falcons and you're invited to meet them. Lynn is professor emeritus from the Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences(Univ. of Sask.), founding member of the Prairie Institute for Human Ecology, Award-winning Environmentalist and raptor expert. Be at WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED Nature Shop @ 6:30pm and we'll drive to Lynn & Rhonda's place. We will be carpooling for those interested. This is FREE to anyone interested


Wed. July 25th (6-8pm) - Please join award-winning Saskatoon author Sally Meadows (MSc, BEd) for the launch of her new book 'When Sleeping Birds Fly: 365 Amazing Facts About The Animal Kingdom'.  With hands-on activities for kids ages 5-12, this event (and book) is perfect for anyone who enjoys amusing animal trivia. This is a come-and-go event with a short introduction at the beginning. As a former scientist, children's entertainer (Sal the Science Gal, Nuts About Science! ), and educator, thousands of students have enjoyed and benefitted from Sally's innovative programs that increase science literacy in fun and unique ways. Find out more about Sally at; sign up for her newsletter to keep up with all her latest news. A FREE event at Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop.


Hort Week 2018

Take a free tour, take one class, or take a whole bunch! Hort Week is July 7-13 this year with daily, evening and weekend workshops throughout. We've got more than forty different events - from basic classes to speciality classes, maker workshops to classes for certification, with plenty of free tours and free classes in between.

Check out the upcoming classes list to browse Hort Week classes or  download our schedule of events to print. Topics include:

  • Fermenting your Vegetables (with bonus kefir making)
  • Gardening in the Shade theme: classes on hosta, annuals, shady containers and perennials
  • Japanese Vegetable Gardening
  • and more than 35 additional classes including many free events and workshops!


If you want to track the migration of the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds please use the following link:



  Migratory Bird Treaty Act Faces Major Threat  

Proposed changes to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in the USA, one of the oldest wildlife conservation laws, threaten to undo safeguards that protect birds from the negative impacts of energy development, including oil and gas drilling and poorly placed wind energy facilities. The result could be millions of dead birds, with no consequences for the responsible companies. Millions of these birds spend their summers in Canada.

   Birds In Real Danger Saskatoon   


Migration is a dangerous time for our feathered friends.
If you find an injured bird call Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation @ 306-281-0554.
There are many different ways to prevent birds from colliding with windows such as DIY tape.
Place feeders close to the window or use a window feeder.
Keep your cats indoors.
Wild Birds Unlimited has a wide selection of products for your windows.


Neonicotinoids, commonly known as 'neonics,' are the most widely used insecticides in the world, and they're deadly to birds and other wildlife. Check out this site to learn more. Link




Sat. Jun. 23rd (8am-1pm) - Dundurn NCC property visit:  We will drive to this site west of Dundurn near the military reserve boundary and then hike the quarter section property looking for birds and wildflowers. Meet by the grain elevator at the Western Development Museum parking lot on Lorne Ave. Leader: Bob Godwin (306-343-8590)

Sun. Jun. 24th (8-11am) - May Haga memorial bird walk - Lakewood and Heritage parks: We will walk the trails in these parks that were some of May Haga's favourite areas to explore. Meet at the north end of the gravel parking on the east side of the Lakewood civic centre buildings off Heritage Crescent. Leader: Robert Johanson (306-653-2610)

Sun. Jul. 1st (9:15am-2pm) - Wild Orchids field trip: We will drive to the Nisbet forest (north of Duck Lake) and look for lady-slippers and other wild orchids. Bring lunch, mosquito repellent and rubber boots. Meet at south-west corner of the Lawson Heights' Mall parking lot. Leader: Bob Godwin (306-343-8590)




We offer delivery of "The Best Birdfood in Town" and our other products. If you'd like your product delivered please call us at 306-955-2473. ($5 within 10 min. Over 10 min. will cost more.)

NOTE: If you'd like to share your photos of birds please do so on our Facebook or bring them into the store for our bulletin board.